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My Beautiful Mamas

This is the second Mother's Day where I've been caught off guard.  At Mass, Father starts his little speech about honoring mothers...and grandmothers...and then, surprise! Godmothers! Oh yeah, that's me!  So weird.  I'm technically a "mother."  Hmm.
This is also the second Mother's Day since I made my Marian consecration, and since I had fewer family obligation than usual, I got a chance to thank my heavenly Mama for her influence.
She didn't give birth to me, I've never seen her in person, but she's still my "mother." That's weird too, right?

Ok how about this one?  Religious sisters, who give up having children of their own, live in a "motherhouse" and answer to "Mother Superior." Crazy.

I guess a lot more than biology goes into the role of a mother.  It's something deeply spiritual, and I think it's part of every woman's calling.  What is motherhood, then?  

Mothers are so many things, but I&#…


Don't you hate it when you're looking forward to something, you get your hopes up, and somebody lets you down?

They expected a King, and they got a criminal.  Or so they thought.
Thousands of years ago, God promised the Jews that he would send them a Messiah from the line of David, someone who would free them from bondage.  When the Roman empire oppressed them, they felt sure the time had come and that He would finally come through.  The extremist Zealots would cause uprisings in their anticipation, and they got enough attention that Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect was worried. So worried that he was willing to let a carpenter from Nazareth, who preached in the temple, die between two thieves...just to calm the crowds.
 A lot of people rejected Jesus, because he wasn't the Messiah they drew up in their heads.  He was a carpenter, not a prince.  He taught peace, not violence.  He hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes and dissed the Pharisees, who were supposedly d…