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Selling my Soul (What I've learned about love part 2)

Today, I'm going to talk about that thing everybody talks about.  If you've been to enough youth conferences or retreats you might know what I'm talking about.  And you might be sick of it.  I've been there, too.  We all get the point, whether we agree or disagree with the "save sex for marriage!" campaign.  The truth is, we all get to make our own decision, and that is as it should be.  You should do what you want.  Yes, that's right, I really did just say that.  But I hope that you reach conclusions about what you want, especially when it comes to something as important as love, in freedom.  Above all, you need to be free.  If that wasn't important, God would have made you a robot.

Maybe that's why we get tired of those retreat speakers.  Maybe they seem to steal the beauty of our freedom by telling us what to do.  But I came to a realization, and I have a question: Do we get equally tired of messages and images about sex from other areas?
Do we…

Why Love Stinks (or what I've learned about love part 1)

EXHIBIT A- this basically sums up my feelings about Shakespeare's romantic classic:

Seriously.  It's pathetic.  So...why is it idolized worldwide? Why does it get references in catchy songs like Love Story or Check Yes Juliet?  Why that super popular adorable chick flick Letters to Juliet?  Or the thing with the garden gnomes?  Why does every high school English teacher ever think it is a necessary piece of literature for every child in America to read?  As ridiculous as this story is, there must be something to it, to make it last this long as a freaking literary staple! I think something hidden in this story appeals to us. Something resonates, and it's not the corny but quotable lines like "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?"
I think it's the fact that Romeo and Juliet die.  Or rather, I think it's the fact that they choose to die- that life seems worthless without the other person.  It's ridiculous in their case because they hardly know each other, and s…


This great guy named C.S. Lewis said, "If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable, I certainly don't recommend Christianity." I'd like to warn you that I couldn't agree more.  I find it funny whenever someone comments on how the faithful people they've met seem to "have it all figured out." I've seen many of my friends struggle in their faith, and personally the last time I felt like I had it all figured out was as an immature 15 year old.  The faith is full of questions and mysteries that I can't understand.  Trusting God's will for me leaves me feeling I have very little control over my own life.  I have to put all my talent and effort into a mission that gives me no instant gratification.  I believe in a God who allows me to suffer, who doesn't even give me the security of seeing Him.  It's painfully uncomfortable.  Yet something keeps me from running back to my comfort zone.
I don't exactly want to be com…

My Fearless Collision (or, a title explaination :)

Fear is one of my biggest enemies.  I'm not afraid of normal things, like spiders or dark alleys or heights.  Ok...maybe I can be, sometimes, but I struggle more with not-so-tangible fears.  There's the fear of change.  Then, when things do change it's fear of the unknown and uncontrollable, wondering how my life will work out.  There's fear of digging deeper in life, finding out the difficult truths, the ones worth shaping your life around.  And there can be fear of exploring ideas, listening to other opinions, maybe losing mine.  I guess ultimately it's the fear of becoming a completely different person.  Nobody likes the idea of losing themselves, of transforming beyond recognition.  Not to mention, becoming who you want to be can be really hard.  But I think maybe life is "becoming," we can't really stop ourselves from growing.  We're surrounded by things that happen, that constantly grow, change, and progress.  It's impossible to build yo…