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Why The Feminist Movement Needs Me

Feminist.  Equality. Two words that should be much simpler than they are.

Feminist.  Am I one?  Yes, but I wasn't sure for a while.  I'd hear the word and make about a hundred different associations, some good, some bad, all contradicting each other.  Some women championing the cause were brilliant and strong, and had beautiful ideas.  Others sounded whiny and entitled, or seemed to undermine the very thing they were supposedly standing for. You know, the women who get mad when men open doors for them- like, obvs you can open a door on your own, I get that.  If the man doesn't get that, he's the one who looks like a weakling (in the brain), not you.  If he is a sane human being he probably opened the door as a gesture of respect.  Isn't respect what this movement is about?

Equality.  What does that mean?  I hear it used interchangeably with "sameness."  Women want the same educational opportunities, the same wages for the same work.  I'm getting my …