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Less Of A Theory, More of A Love Affair

Believing in anything is kind of strange.  As the human race, we pride ourselves on being reasonable.  We are the smartest creatures we know of.  And we know a lot.  We've proved (or at least made educated guesses about) almost everything we need in order to explain the world around us.  We've established incredible scientific and psychological theories. I think in our world today, and especially as a college student in academia, the mind is idolized.  Many forces fight to occupy our thoughts, and then we think to figure out which ones are important.  To "take something on faith" is a risky business which is to be avoided when possible.  And we get told that our hearts are really dumb sometimes and that love is blind, so we try to rule everything via the brain. 

So...what is the heart doing there? Why do we need it? Why do we feel things, and why are we unhappy when we don't feel, when we experience emptiness or indifference?
We have both a head and a heart, and…