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Letter to the Next Great Saints

Dear Eva, Maya, Sarah, Lucy, Jacob, James, Sam, and Michael (and anyone else who honors me with their readership):

I think all of you are making pretty big transitions this year: whether you're finally graduating high school or exploring new territory in the college world.  Usually, big transitions mean you're about to learn and experience a LOT of new things.  Join the club.  I'm really excited because at our age we meet so many new people that we have the opportunity to make a big impression on the world around us.  I think we can all agree that the world could use some change for the better, and God has chosen us- the pressure is on!  Brothers and sisters in Christ, I'm really blessed to have all of you in my life to remind me I have support and I should be unafraid. We've got all this unknown life ahead of us and that makes the temptation to fear very strong...especially when I think about Papa Francis' exhortation to "evangelize."  It's such …