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For My Ladies

It's almost midnight, and I should really be going to bed.  But I suddenly felt very strongly that I should write to my girls.
I don't know if I can tell you anything you haven't heard before.  You know you're beautiful.  You know God loves you.  You know that He wants to give you the best.  If you're like me, you've probably heard that so many times that it doesn't move you when you hear it anymore.  Those phrases are among the top Christian cliches.

And maybe you feel guilty that you don't feel anything when you hear that.  Or maybe you roll your eyes and try to hide your frustration because you need something to comfort you and it just seems too simple- sure, it's something that would be nice to believe if you weren't wise enough to suspect it's  meaningless, like every empty promise that's been made to you.  Maybe the people who tell you how much God loves you are failing at love themselves, and seem fake and affected and prideful.  …