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Nice Guys Finish Last

I go to community college now.  For those of you who, like me, were/are homeschooled, let me give you a quick rundown.  You have to actually sit in a classroom next to other people.  Other people will be everywhere when you're walking around campus, and guys smitten by your beauty and unaware that you didn't go to school and therefore are completely and hopelessly awkward may try to approach you in the library.  And even if you can avoid those near occasions of socializing...there are these things called GROUP PROJECTS. You can't escape.  Eventually someone will find you. Fear them.

Oh how I love sarcasm.

I have found that my many new friends typically all have the same reaction to finding out I was homeschooled: "What? No way! I thought you went to, like, a regular school!" "Wow, I always thought homeschoolers were awkward and stuff but you're really normal!" Even if they don't say it, their faces give it away and I can plainly hear it going th…